New York Press Article:
Tues.-Sat., Jan. 4-8
You might say an exhibition lasting less than a week
but advertising both an opening and a closing reception
(6-9 p.m. on each day) has its priorities a bit
confused. But this group show featuring “intentions in
time and space” by Gigi Gatewood, Layla Lozano and
other mixed-media locals has many reasons to celebrate.
Foremost among them is RUN.EXE, a video painting by
Transmodernist John Bonafede. Best known for his
tombstone-style etchings of manhole covers, Bonafede’s
Abramovic-like use of body as both canvas and brush
proves a unique commentary on human transit—all the
more pertinent in lieu of those impending fare hikes.
The Proposition Gallery, 559 W. 22nd St., 2nd fl. (11th
Ave.), 212-242-0035,Tues.-Sat. 10-6, free.
—Sean Manning