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Bonafede and Nataraj roam the streets interacting with children during two art festivals- DUMBO Art Under the Bridge Festival and New York City Art Biennale 2009. Dressed in all white with a white refrigerator/freezer, and 100 white balloons, Bonafede asks random children if the want a balloon. In return he asks them whether or not they know what global warming is. If they do they are asked to draw or write with black marker on their balloon what we should do about this problem. If they do not, Nataraj and Bonafede demonstrate what the climate change concept is through holding in their hands and thus melting the ice in the open freezer. The helium balloons are holding the freezer door open, allowing the ice to melt. The 100 balloons are given away so the freezer door is ultimately able to close thanks to the willingness of the children of NYC to engage in this concept.

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