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In the outdoor portion of Rumpueng Arts Space in Chiangmai, Thailand, Bonafede seeks to address the romantic notion of love. The performer Ging Jamjuree approaches the giant water tub with her hair completely obstructing her view. Like many embarking in romantic love, all she can see is the world through herself, in this case literally a hair filter. After she ascends the raised platform, Ging summons Bonafede out of the water. The presence of a water tub and a drinking pot in it is customary to traditional Thai homes. bonafede emerges from his watery home with cup in hand, thirsty for a drink. instead he passes the water up to Jamjuree wherein she pours it over her long draping hair. The water cascades onto Bonafede and he gets his drink. He continually passes the cup upward to his mate, knowing he will get what he wants through giving it to her first anyway. They continue passing the water through the filter of her hair until finally Bonafede dips down to grab a bottle of champagne. To celebrate his orgasmic enthusiasm resulting from requited love, her pops the cork. Of course he hands it upward first wherein Ging grabs it, parts her hair and swigs it. The champagne pouring through her hair is reveled by Bonafede. He shares his enthusiasm with the audience by inviting them to join with him in a toast- to love. This performance took place on February 14, Valentine's Day. 2014

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