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In this rough sketch, set dressing handlers (Charles Jarboe and John Bonafede) move a giant frame (8’ 6”x 7’) throughout a performance space en route to the garbage. The two are having an argument about the current environmental crisis unaware of their own environment. They get frustrated with each other in their debate and often rest the frame on the ground, oblivious to the beauty they are framing beyond them. Dancer Se-yong Kim, artist Samten Dakpa, actor Cyrus Moshriefi, and musician Bradley Bloom occupy the frame. The large frame is used as a device for highlighting the existing beauty of what takes place behind it as well as being classically beautiful itself. Playing with the words “Environment” and “Mentally Disabled” is used to critique the way in which society often overlooks the very harmful impact it has on the existing surroundings. One would think our society is mentally disabled to purposefully contaminate the environment in which we rely on. Intrusion into the existing natural events of the space is a metaphor for this aspect of human industry. Their argument affects the audience’s perception of the beauty they inadvertently frame. Camerawork by Matthew Glasson.

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