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(International) Kiss A Stranger With A Scale Day was an impromptu performance/holiday invented on May 11, 2006. Bonafede received a phone call from long time collaborator/friend Nataraj informing him there was a Dr.'s scale being thrown out on 2nd Ave. Right from a job interview Bonafede hustles down to take a look along with cameraman Dallas Pesolla. The idea to play upon the taboo topic of women's weight and kissing a stranger in public formulated en route downtown. The result was a variety of responses (a sliding scale ranging from sheer terror to more-than-welcome), a variety of guesses at women's weight and a variety of kisses received. Those who agreed to give their permission to be filmed puckering up were compiled in this light-hearted look at what it our society looks at as a touchy subject for art's sake.

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