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After writing the word, "League" on his arm with a marker, Bonafede applied poison ivy directly on top of the letters. Over the course of the next two and a half weeks he recording the progress of the rash that broke out in the form of the letters. Several times a day the arm was taped in front of a green screen which he imposed the pastoral campuses of the major IV League schools of the Northeast. Each school's emblem can be seen in the bottom right corner. Systems of thought spread like a rash and often go unchallenged when coming from the highest regarded educational establishments. The patina of calamine lotion is applied to the "sculptural" form that arises from Bonafede's arm as a way of trying to arrest those toxins from weeping out to spread the rash. But the rash must run its course, like all systems of thought, before it dries itself out.

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