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Inverted, hand-drawn animation for the intro sequence of Polymorph 1: Wild Flower First part in a series of performance art videos depicting Bonafede's body undergoing a metaphoric metamorphosis into different textures. Each texture the artist's body changes into shares the name of the actual endurance race. In this one Bonafede completes the camping trip triathlon in Lake St. Antonio Park in Monteray CA (half-ironman distance) called Wild Flower. The course had late spring flowers blooming and was a perfect site for the artist's first official triathlon performance art project. Raising $ for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society (Team In Training) the artist was not only able to execute his vision but was also able to bring the performance art concepts into the real lives of those affected by or stricken with blood cancers. This pencil on paper intro was Bonafede's first attempt at animation as well. Special thanks to Aaron Hughes with all his animation and technical expertise. And Samten Dakpa for the wonderful Tibetan style clouds during the swimming sequence.

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