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This minimal performance shows Bonafede filtering rain water through instant chocolate powder on the ancient tile rooftop of Teatro 33 Officina in the medieval Italian city of Toffia. The rainstorm pours down on him as he patiently waits for it to filter through the instant powdered mix he pre planted in the tile gutters. An extended tile hovers over him, dripping the brown liquid down into his coffee cup. Having let the coffee cup fill twice already, wherein he allowed the brown liquid to pour down his head and onto his white jacket, he goes for a third and final cup. In this excerpt he has already tossed aside his red rain hat that matched the red handle of the demitasse pot on the table before him. Consuming the rainwater of the region through the aged tiles and into a coffee set the local use, Bonafede attempts to marry his body to the traditions of Toffia, Italy. Having never in his life drank a cup of coffee himself, Bonafede tries to assert his love for the tradition surrounding coffee/espresso in his own obstinate way. The dripped brown line down his jacket is another investigation into the formal aspects of line and paint in the realm of conceptual painting.

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