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A circle of different color paint cans, a paper shredder in the center of it and a canvas beneath. The live strumming of a North African oud creates a quasi Spanish ambience, reminiscent of a bullfight or flamenco environment. Bonafede circles, dressed as an executive in Corporate America, particularly Wall Street finance worker. The shaved stock market graph in his hair shows the linear quality of the performance. the documents that he procures from his briefcase are all blacked out with sharpie lines as well, hiding some devious truth. The sound of the shredding, the deconstruction of the forms add to the score and visual composition. THe phone call Bonafede is on as he circles brings the language of the modern marketplace into the piece. As the music builds we hear Bradley bloom's deconstructed version of Bollero overtake Tom Chess's live accompaniment. The Wall Street Bull is referenced and then confronted. A sword is brandished and the surging greed is slain with one could stroke. A red paint can is pierced and the symbolism is complete. Roses are thrown into the ring by Angela Frieberger and Michael Anderson (when he is not serving spiked kool-aid) to add to the metaphor.

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